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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Post 1; Advise and Information on dealing with flooded houses and clean up

Good day to all my neighbors. I am a general contractor. I have been in business for 36 years. I created this blog to give you information, not to gather your business. I volunteer my knowledge to help you all deal with this houston flood call harvey. My name is Mary. I am here to answer your questions and help you move in the right direction, which is getting back up and running and in your home as quickly as possible.

Step one; call your insurance agent, file a claim.  For water above, ie;roof, walls, windows; file thru Homeowners insurance. For Rising water: file thru flood insurance, fema government program.

Step two; bring/buy; mops, brooms, squeegees, flat front shoevel, dustpan, buckets, wheelbarrow, pump up bug sprayer, bug type hose sprayer. Clorox,  triple action 20 (exterior disinfectant to spray outside walls of your house.) lysol, garbage bags, gloves, rubber boots, bring tools, hammer, screwdrivers, utility knife.

Step Three; Very Important! Take pictures, lots of pics. Outside, inside. Take pics of every room in the house, open closets, cabinets etc. lots of pictures for you and your insurance company. Then look at the water line, measure its height. water lines will usually leave barkmulch on walls at the highest level. Note; outlets are set 15' from the slab.

Step Four; If your water line is 1"-14", turn you power back on. If it is already on, leave it on. If your water line is 15"-96", turn your power off.

Step Five; Open all windows, doors, remove screens if needed, move furnishings to one side or the other as you work. Remove stuff from all lower cabinets, drawers, give them a good wash with clorox mixture.   Do Not, and I repeat, DO NOT Throw Anything Away At This Time!!!!! Almost everything you own will dry out. Cut carpet/padding into manageable strips, drag to the curb. Remove laminate floor. Remove hardwood floor if it is buckling or lifting or is set on a pad. Leave in place, ceramic tile, vinyl, hard linoleum and indoor, outdoor carpet. Shop vac the devil out of the indoor, outdoor carpet, spray lysol into wet carpet, vac up. Do this for 3 days then let it dry. Do the same for any area rugs.

Step 6; Mix Clorox, (3/4 water, 1/4 clorox)into pump up sprayer or bug hose sprayer. Spray on all affected walls, woodwork, floors, slabs, cabinets, put on a mask if needed. Mop, wash, spray to the water lines on the wall. spray. On Outside walls, use triple action 20 1/2-1/2 mixture. Will not hurt your plants. Post two will be specifically 1"-14"of water in homes, Post three will address 15"-96" of water. Hope this helps, if you have questions, I am ready to answer, mary   


4:16 pm cdt 


Post 2; Dealing with your Flooded home; 1"-14" of water.
Hello again;Please refer to Post 1 to read all basic information.
 Before I start, a work about mold and mildew. Regualr everyday mold and mildew is what you are are trying to combat, Clorox will do this easily. You are NOT battling black mold.
The following information is specific for houses that took in no more than 14" of water. 
Your appliances; a/c, frig, stove and dishwasher should dry out and have no problems. Your cars, garden tools, electronics, will dry out.  Your furnishings, antiques, couches, chairs, linens and clothes will dry out.
For appliances/electronics/ garden equiptment/ cars; Buy several cans of electronic parts cleaner. this product will displace moisture and will dry out all electronic/electrical parts, motors etc. Turn off power. unplug before you begin spraying the cleaner. Take off the backs of your appliances as needed.Spray all wire nuted wires/ pc boards etc.  Then let everything dry out before you plug them back in or start them up. 
For your furnishings, mattresses, fabrics; se lysol, 3/4 water- 1/4 lysol. Gently spray on, then take them outside to dry in the sun. Turn them on end, let them drain and dry.
 For your wood furnishings: After you remove the wet flooring/carpet,laminate or wood and cleaned all the walls and floor, place all furniture legs on plastic wrap to protect them from clorox. Use murphys oil soap full strength, spray on legs, sides, wipe off, leave in your house to dry out. After your first round of clorox cleaning, close your windows, doors, turn on the a/c and turn it down to 70 degrees. Leave it on 70 degrees for 1 week. Change your filters every day for a week.  Bring in fans, de-humidifiers, set them up, move them around. Get your house to dry out. Cool, dry air works faster at drying out houses.

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